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July 1, 2022

Larnaca and its Five Stars

Staying in Larnaca is an opportunity to experience five of its star qualities! Any booking with Holiday Hosts is a window to the wonders of the Larnaca district waiting to be explored! For Holiday Hosts, Larnaca symbolises so many simple pleasures that we want to share with you. Here are what we call its FIVE STAR features:

For Holiday Hosts, Larnaca symbolises so many simple pleasures that we want to share with you. Here are what we call its FIVE STAR features:

1.     Prime Position

Larnaca puts the ‘L’ in Location – it really is a hub of activity on the island thanks to its geographical position. It’s conveniently situated right in the middle of three key areas (Nicosia, Limassol, Famagusta region) all of which are accessible from Larnaca within 45 minutes. It is home to the largest international airport of the island and it boasts a busy port as well as a marina and fishing harbour. As a result, it offers all the services and facilities a resident would need, everything ranging from a skate park to a dog beach! It also hosts lots of entertainment and leisure options for holidaymakers as well as investment opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs. It’s a one-stop destination that ticks countless boxes.

2.     Sunny Side of Life

A reminder that Cyprus is the gateway to 300 days of sun in any given year. Larnaca is blessed with sunshine most of the time which means you can enjoy both free time but also the smooth operation of any event no matter the season. Sun worshippers can make the most of the climate with the series of beaches available in Larnaca, depending on your tastes. There is the sports-oriented CTO beach with soft, white sand and purpose-built courts and then the other side of town is home to Makenzy beach for leisurely dining and tanning sessions.

3.     Style Fusion

Life in Larnaca is a constant journey between past and present as the city brings together elements of tradition and innovation. It is a place where one can marvel at revolutionary avant-garde architecture but also admire remnants of past civilisations. Many design feats are open to the public such as the impressive Piale Pasa road with its sustainable and user-friendly walkways. Then there are buildings beautifully merging old and new such as the recently opened Matteo House downtown – a restored 19th century building that includes modern additions of glass and metal.

4.     Tales of the Street

There is history everywhere you turn – Larnaca once began as the ancient city of Kition which is still celebrated through the ancient ruins and the collection of Larnaca’s Archaeological Museum. Therefore, Larnaca is an important living museum where you can experience the legacy of a great historical centre. Every landmark has its own story to tell. The Christian and Muslim sites dotted around the town demonstrate the cultural interaction that has been taking place for centuries.

5.    Cheers to Skala!

Skala is what locals call Larnaca and Skaliotes (Larnaca residents) are people who enjoy being out and about. Therefore, anyone selecting Holiday Hosts is also getting a ticket to an exciting scene of clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants to suit all tastes! There are a number of hotspots across town for any type of event, meaning that the possibilities are endless! Larnaca is

home to the island’s best burger bars, beach clubs and glorious cafes! You’ll soon see that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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